One Proven Solution Mitigates Government-Contracts Risk…SpectrumCLM™

SpectrumCLM is the contract lifecycle management system for government contractors.

SpectrumCLM was built by Compusearch, a software company with three decades of experience with the intricacies of federal contracting. More than 60,000 government contractors use Compusearch’s FedConnect portal to work with agencies’ contracting officers. Contracting officers in nearly every cabinet-level department use Compusearch’s PRISM as their contract writing system.

SpectrumCLM mitigates severe, enterprise-level risks and boosts efficiency by enabling Contracts professionals to:

  • Respond more quickly, completely accurately to data calls – especially those from Compliance, GSA, DCAA and OIG,
  • More fully meet government reporting requirements,
  • More carefully configure contract clauses including subcontracting flow-downs,
  • Maintain a better, ongoing understanding of compliance with terms and subcontract terms,
  • More effectively route and monitor approvals,
  • Standardize workflow, and
  • Capture institutional knowledge.

Some of SpectrumCLM’s most popular capabilities:

  • Run reports across contracts to find out how many are ending on a certain date, or how much total funding has been received in a certain year
  • Navigate seamlessly between IDIQ (or other  parent vehicle) to Delivery/Task Orders and modifications
  • View modification summary and Delivery/Task Order Summary at a glance
  • See the DCAA-formatted Contract Brief available at the touch of a button
  • Track value and funding changes by modification and CLIN/SLIN/ACRN by viewing line-item history on the screen or within standard reports
  • Set notifications at a fixed percentage of expenditures
  • Use always-current clause databases to see lists of contracts with a particular clause
  • Readily report on contracts that require particular reporting – e.g. subcontract, GFP, FFATA, SBA, and Manpower Reporting
  • Track internal tasks and contract deliverables with notifications of due dates
  • Tap a central repository for contracts, contract data, and contract meta-data: As one user says, “With SpectrumCLM, I not only know about where the document is – I also know what is in the document.”