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Important Invitation: Escape GovCon’s Terrible Trade-Off


Please join us for this imperative 25-minute webinar on Thursday, June 28, 2016 at 1 PM: Escape GovCon’s Terrible Trade-Off. Don’t miss critical expert insights that can help you break free from the compliance worries and financial dilemmas that keep GovCon contracts, compliance, and finance professionals up at night.

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Contrary to popular belief, ensuring full contractual compliance DOESN’T mean higher indirect rates.  Industry leaders have escaped the Terrible Trade-off using advanced practices and tools. 

Presented by GovCon and market research experts (Melissa Amdahl and Paul Edelmann) who’ve interviewed several dozen of your peers, this webinar explains how conventional thinking is wrong:  Ensuring full contractual compliance doesn’t mean higher indirect rates.  Firms who are making the trade-off between full compliance and lean indirect rates are stuck in “GovCon’s Terrible Trade-off,”  deciding whether to lose deals to lower priced competitors - especially LPTA deals - or whether to run leaner infrastructure staffs. 

During the webinar, you will:

  1. Get a sobering view on the degree of compliance within most GovCon firms
  2. Understand the ramifications of the DOJ’s Yates memo and how it impacts not only GovCon firms but individual employees
  3. Quickly gauge the relative maturity of your firm’s contract-compliance infrastructure
  4. Quantify the productivity boosts and ROI of targeted refinements to your firm’s practices and tools
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