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GovCon’s “Terrible Trade-off” Featured at NCMA Venues and Contract Experts’ Panel Discussion

Posted by SpectrumCLM Team on May 27, 2016 9:33:45 AM

Today Compusearch® announced the next focus of their ongoing Executive Panel Series on government contracting best practices: Responding to the Latest Trends in Federal Audits..

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GovCon Leaders Discuss the Key to Contracts Department Maturity

Posted by SpectrumCLM Team on Mar 24, 2016 9:02:29 AM

Executive Panel Series: Moving to the next generation of contracts management - vital insights from GovCon contracts leaders. 

On March 15, 2016, contracts executives from leading GovCon firms around the DC Metro area convened to discuss and share ideas around best practices for their contracts organizations.

The esteemed panel included:

  • Howard Byrd, Director of Federal Contracts at Deloitte,
  • Kelly McClelland, Owner of KCM Business Consulting,
  • John Roman, Vice President of Contracts at LMI, and
  • Lori Schendel, Senior Director of Contracts at UIC Technical Services/Bowhead.

The panel and a collaborative audience discussed moving from the “Dark Ages” of contracts management processes and infrastructure to “The Next Generation.”  The benefits seen by the organizations using advanced practices and systems include affordable, full compliance with FAR/DFARS, lower DSO levels because invoices are correct the first time, and more efficient and scalable Contracts organizations.  Additionally, the migration enables Contracts Department leaders to focus less on administration and data calls – and more on being business advisors to key stakeholders in their organizations.

The next GovCon Executive Panel event is Responding to the Latest Trends in Federal Audits, to be held June 9, 2016. For more information, contact Amee Singh at

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Treasures and Landmines on the Path to Contracts Department Maturity

Posted by SpectrumCLM Team on Mar 8, 2016 12:09:50 PM

Putting in the right processes and resources can eliminate the vast majority of audit preparation expenses, increase productivity, and enhance communication across departments, as well as with the government.

A lack of functioning systems and processes, along with the sunk cost fallacy of having invested time and money in programs and tools that don’t work for the contracts team have created cultures of status quo acceptance. GovCon leaders have found structured processes and technology that can increase their levels of contracts lifecycle management maturity, helping save both time and money.

If you are a GovCon executive with contracts responsibility, join other industry thought leaders in an exclusive executive panel discussion to map the treasures and landmines faced on the path to contracts department maturity. They will explain the Contracts Organization Maturity Model, delineate the multiple advantages of instituting the right systems and processes, as well as outline steps to reach your goals, save money, reduce risk, and enhance your overall operations.

Contact Amee Singh at to learn more.

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