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Traits of World-Class GovCon Contracts Leaders Webinar

World-Class-Cover-Webinar-1.pngAre you on the fast path?

In a recent panel discussion with GovCon Contracts leaders we discussed adopting the four key traits that separate World-Class leaders from second-tier leaders. The four traits are:

  1. Ability to balance risk and revenue growth,
  2. Always striving to be more effective and efficient,
  3. Ability to get vital, operational work done while upgrading people, processes, and technology, and
  4. Deep understanding of Government Contracting, FAR, DFARS.

    We also discussed the traits that separate second-tier leaders from third-tier leaders. 

These key traits were identified by more than 140 GovCon professionals' assessments of their Contracts executives. Based on our research and the panel discussion, we also identified the fastest paths to developing these vital leadership traits. We’ll present all these findings during a complimentary 30 minute webinar to which you can attend at no charge.

  • Wednesday, February 22nd | Noon to 12:30 | Click here to register.

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