Stop fire drills and painful audits before they start...SpectrumCLM

Only SpectrumCLM addresses the complexity and extensive regulations that are unique to government contracting—from bid through contract award, and modifications to final closeout.

For decades, Compusearch has been the leading provider of software that advances commerce and collaboration among government agencies and contractors.  Compusearch's SpectrumCLM software safely automates urgent, tedious, high-volume aspects of maintaining FAR/DFARS compliance, data calls, and government reporting; that enables contracts professionals to focus on mitigating insidious and otherwise festering contracting risks.

Other approaches repeatedly failed GovCon - and even created additional costs and risks:

Generic Contracts Management Software: A No-go for GovCon
A broad array of plug-ins and generic software tools designed for commercial contracts don’t meet the complex needs of government contractors. Government contracting requires deep, end-to-end compliance with FAR/DFARS, flow-down, security, and DCAA and GSA auditability requirements that providers of commercial-contracts systems neither support nor sufficiently understand.

Homegrown Applications: Expensive, Wobbly, Orphaned
Some government contractors have each spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and several years trying to make SharePoint, ERP extensions, and generic contract management systems work for government contracting. With rare exception, these systems never launch or are rarely used—in many cases due to data integrity issues.

Those were poor choices for government contractors, one-third of whom report that the government has recently audited their business systems. That’s why –based on requests from leading government contractors- Compusearch built SpectrumCLM.

SpectrumCLM, the contract lifecycle management system for government contractors, enables Contracts professionals to:

  • Instill confidence by responding more quickly, completely and accurately to data calls – including those from Finance, BD, Compliance, GSA, DCAA and OIG
  • More fully meet government reporting requirements
  • More easily configure contract clauses including subcontract flow-downs
  • Maintain a better, ongoing understanding of compliance with terms and subcontract terms
  • More effectively route and monitor approvals
  • Readily standardize workflow
  • Capture and retain vital institutional knowledge
  • Intervene proactively, instead of reacting to negative surprises

A few of SpectrumCLM’s most popular capabilities:

  • Use always-current clause databases, and even see lists of contracts with a particular clause
  • See the DCAA-formatted Contract Brief available at the touch of a button
  • Track value and funding changes by modification and CLIN/SLIN/ACRN by viewing line-item history on the screen or within standard reports
  • Navigate seamlessly between IDIQ (or other  parent vehicle) to Delivery/Task Orders and modifications
  • Run extensive standard and ad-hoc reports - including summaries of contracts ending on a certain date and how much total funding has been received in a certain year
  • View modification summary and Delivery/Task Order Summary at a glance
  • Trigger notifications at a fixed percentage of expenditures, and using other leading indicators of trouble
  • Track internal tasks and contract deliverables with notifications of due dates
  • Easily navigate a central repository for contracts, contract data, supporting documents, and correspondence
  • Provide each end user with the appropriate level of access using administrator-security controls
  • Readily manage contracts that require particular reporting—e.g. subcontract, GFP, FFATA, SBA, and Manpower Reporting
  • Easily install frequently updated FAR, DFARS and agency supplement clause libraries

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