AMM™, the Acquisition Management Module, provides Acquisition leaders a comprehensive, integrated approach to planning, tracking, and reporting program milestones, budget, and risks.

AMM addresses pressing, critical challenges, including: 

  • Extremely large level of effort required to prepare aggregated or individual contract files for review by managers and auditors
  • Uncertainty about funds, especially amounts budgeted, obligated, invoiced, and paid during various time periods and within certain groups or geographies
  • Unclear or dissenting views on Acquisition risks and progress versus objectives and milestones
  • Inability to create transparency and promote collaboration while respecting security classifications and management levels
  • Myriad contract folders and partial copies thereof stored in a tangled mass of physical file cabinets, shared drives, and eMail folders

Key Features

  • Real-time, integrated view of funds budgeted, obligated, invoiced, and paid – during any time period and by group, program, or geography
  • Enablement of offices, divisions, regions, other work groups, and individual COs to aggregate contract folders into an electronic repository for management and reporting
  • Integrated folder and management structure within PRISM that consolidates collateral from each step within the acquisition business process
  • Ability for team members to collaborate using annotations specific to programs, projects, objectives, milestones, and other program aspects
  • Ability to create and maintain shared views of budget status, risks, objectives, and milestones
  • Ability to control who sees what based on security levels, user profiles, and other factors
  • Integrated dashboard for visual reports

Select Benefits

  • Quicker, easier, and more thorough preparation for contract reviews by management, auditors, and Contract Officers
  • More productive and visible collaboration between program offices and procurement offices
  • Lower costs for physical files storage
  • Ability to telework without shipping physical files
  • Easier to rebalance workload among individuals and groups