FedConnect® provides Acquisition leaders and Contract Officers a secure, full-lifecycle, auditable approach to interacting with vendors and complying with Paperless Contracting mandates.

FedConnect addresses agency/vendor business challenges, including:

  • Inability to track and record Contracting Officers’ interactions with all vendors for each relevant opportunity, including: eMail correspondence, bid intent notification, the receipt of questions, amendments, award notifications, communications with unsuccessful offerors, post-award deliverables and options
  • Uncertainty about FAR/DFARS and agency clause compliance, transparency, and audit readiness
  • Uncertainty about the ability to pass audits
  • Inability to respond to protests quickly and successfully
  • Need to respond to Paperless-Contracting mandates
  • Need to become more efficient, given tight budgets
  • Facilitating Reverse Auction competition amongst vendors

Key Features

  • Complies with all applicable federal security standards
  • Enables auditable, bi-directional communication among government Acquisition teams and vendors
  • Automatically populates PRISM’s electronic contract folder
  • Supports Contracting Officers throughout the Acquisition lifecycle, including multi-stage competitions, IDIQs/BPAs and DO/TOs
  • Proven effective by over 70,000 vendors
  • Full, integrated support for Reverse Auctions

Select Benefits

  • Less time wasted on data entry, duplicate data entry, analysis, and reporting
  • Fewer process bottlenecks and shorter PALT
  • Fewer errors
  • Quick, effective responses to protests
  • Successful audits
  • Full compliance with FAR/DFARS and agency supplements