PRISM Acquisition

PRISM® Acquisition provides managers, policy makers, and 1102s a secure, efficient, proven approach to complying with FAR/DFARS and agency specific regulations.

PRISM Acquisition addresses pressing, critical challenges, including:
  • Uncertainty about FAR/DFARS and agency clause compliance, transparency, and audit readiness
  • Uncertainty about the ability to pass audits
  • Inability to respond to protests quickly and successfully
  • Need to create competition and acquire same or better quality goods and services at lower prices
  • Concerns and complaints about long PALTs
  • Need to respond to Paperless-Contracting mandates
  • Need to become more efficient, given tight budgets
  • Loss of institutional knowledge, especially that caused by employee attrition
  • Miscommunications between program offices and procurement offices

Key Features

  • Widely used and proven effective by over 50,000 users
  • Proven full and fast initial operating capability (IOC)
  • Fully supports the entire acquisition lifecycle –from acquisition planning through closeout
  • Readily interfaces to financial systems, FPDS, FBO, SAM, EDA, and other systems
  • Scales to support the entire program, acquisition and finance communities within the largest agencies
  • Proven to meet Paperless-Contracting mandates
  • Full support of Reverse Auctions
  • Library of WS enabling integration to any modern peripheral system
  • Ability to control users’ access to documents based on group or individual profiles
  • Structured maintenance program covering customer care, enhancements, technical support, and regulatory changes
  • Extensive set of standard reports and ad-hoc reporting capability
  • Extensive support for shared services providers that need different configurations for their different customers
  • Compliance with all applicable federal security standards

Select Benefits

  • Full compliance with FAR/DFARS and agency supplements
  • Successful audits
  • Quick, effective responses to protests
  • Less time wasted on duplicative data entry, analysis, and reporting
  • Structured collaboration with program offices and vendors eliminates process bottlenecks and compresses PALT
  • Fewer errors