Application Integration

Seamless Application Integrations “Out-of-the-Box”

Successfully incorporating an acquisition and grants systems into enterprise architecture requires proven and seamless application integration capabilities. PRISM has a wide range of  out-of-the-box  integrations with federal financial systems, inventory management, asset management, data warehousing, and other business systems. And true to our commitment to our user community, we create client-specific financial interfaces that use PRISM’s existing COTS system capabilities to the maximum extent possible.                                       

We Connect Core Business Systems
PRISM is the choice for organizations expecting out-of-the-box interfaces with all SAM system components while also providing the application flexibility needed to integrate with other core business systems. Over the past decade Compusearch has developed and implemented interfaces between PRISM and the leading ERPs, (Oracle’s E-Business Suite, SAP’s R/3, CGI’s Momentum, PeopleSoft, etc.) that are in production operations at all major cabinet departments and independent agencies within the federal government.

PRISM Makes Integration Easy
The benefit to any federal organization is that Compusearch fully understands the complex transaction sets that make up integration between acquisition and financial systems.  PRISM's multi-tier architecture supports all types of data exchange from legacy flat files to today's Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), and our existing Web Service Descriptive Language (WSDL) library and Application Program Interfaces (APIs) make integration a business process discussion and not a major technical issue.

Our Five Steps to Integration Success
Compusearch relies on AIM, a proven implementation methodology that combines aspects of business process reengineering and the software development lifecycle. Our key to successful integration with other systems is to include the right stakeholders from the acquisition, financial, and program office communities early in the business process reengineering discussions and the gap analysis process.

The Compusearch five-step application implementation process involves defining a Strategy to fulfill financial interface requirements, and developing a Technical Solution Design for the entire interface. It includes a Detailed Design and Development plan that highlights any necessary COTS modifications as well as the middleware agency-specific code requirements, followed by a comprehensive Testing Cycle which includes end-to-end unit testing, system testing, and user acceptance testing, and lastly, we Deploy and monitor systems closely to ensure interface success.

Compusearch has a long history of successful government implementations and PRISM’s flexibility makes application integration seamless.

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