Information Assurance

Information Assurance – for PRISM Implementations

Compusearch understands that every federal organization must obtain a federal security Authorization to Operate (ATO) and plan for continuous monitoring prior to a new system going into production, or when there are major changes to an existing system.

Compusearch provides system implementation services which include support from the Compusearch Security Office or IT Group. Compusearch will help you implement PRISM in your data center so that the system will meet the security controls necessary for your agency to obtain an ATO. We can’t do your independent assessment, but we can provide support to your system owner or program office for security-related tasks in preparation for the independent assessment and the ATO.

Services we offer might include platform hardening support for PRISM, Security Categorization documentation, preparation of the system security plan, account management procedure development, or other tasks necessary to ensure that your system will meet agency security policy.

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