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Operations and Maintenance that Deliver SURE Success

For agencies running PRISM in production, Compusearch offers a comprehensive suite of PRISM Operations and Maintenance (O&M) services.  We combine the strongest technology with people who have deep knowledge of the federal procurement and grants functions to provide services that effectively complete tasks, monitor system performance, and evolve a program of continuous improvement.  PRISM O&M services include: the implementation of updates to address new legal and regulatory business requirements, supplying new software functions and features, help desk support, database administration, and incorporating new emerging technologies into our product.

Our SURE O&M Methodology
At the core of our SURE O&M methodology is compliance—both compliance with acquisition regulation (e.g.,the FAR, Federal and Agency forms, and data integration with SAM) followed by compliance with security, IT and accessibility standards.

Our SURE methodology features workstreams addressing all four of the key PRISM O&M components of System Maintenance, User Care, Reporting and Environment Management. Within each workstream we list standard performance measures, track processes, and provide the tools that are necessary support the operational tasks as noted below.

  • System Maintenance is the technical component of maintaining a federally compliant, user-friendly application. Support and metrics encompass PRISM Change Control Board support, upgrades,  new releases, configuration management, and template management among other tasks.
  • User Care tasks lead to a happy and more effective end-user. This includes Help Desk, user tools, and job aides (e.g. how-to guides), user outreach, and communication and training among other tasks.
  • Reporting  is designed to support the ongoing reporting needs of an organization, such as executive and congressional reporting, day-to-day management and user workload reporting, and regulation compliance reporting (e.g. FPDS-NG).
  • Environment Management encapsulates all of the tasks necessary to support the hardware, operating system, network and integration of a deployed PRISM system. In addition, it encompasses managing multiple environments for testing, training, and other needs, as well as managing disaster planning and recovery of the system.

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