SpectrumCLM™ FAQ

Is SpectrumCLM in the cloud? Is it secure?
Because SpectrumCLM is secure and cloud-based, CIOs can confidently and quickly bring sorely needed help to their CFO, and BD, Compliance, and Contracts professionals. Security and data privacy are always primary considerations for Compusearch’s commercial, DoD, intelligence, and civilian customers; the company invests heavily in security and maintains FISMA and DIACAP compliance and compliance with all other applicable standards.

Will I be able to access my existing contracts?
Without a proven effective means of handling existing contracts, a new system becomes yet another place to search. Compusearch has successfully implemented several large enterprise contracting systems –in each case, data migration and integrating with financial systems was crucially important.

What support is available?
SpectrumCLM’s professional services teams are available to help with installation, configuration, data migration, and program management. The team has demonstrated success with small and large government contractors, as well as those with substantial presence in commercial markets.

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