CDRLvue™ provides Government Contractors and Data Management (DM) teams with an intuitive, automated, end-to-end approach to effectively managing a program's contractual data submissions.

CDRLvue addresses pressing, critical challenges, including:
  • Late data deliveries to the government
  • High cost of managing CDRL submissions, particularly when CDRLs are not separately priced (NSP)
  • Lack of visibility into the CDRL delivery schedule
  • Difficulty propagating the supplier data requirements list (SDRL) flow down

Key Features

  • Maintains the program’s CDRL delivery requirements
  • Supports interfaces to key program management systems: documents, engineering release, scheduling
  • Provides immediate visibility to program delivery performance for CPAR and award fees
  • Tracks supplier PO / SDRL requirements

Enables users to:

  • Quickly view a program's CDRL requirements
  • Easily manage CDRL schedules based on the Integrated Master Schedule (IMS), and related changes
  • Automatically notify CDRL authors and the appropriate reviewers, before delivery
  • Easily report on full status-accounting data, including on-time/late deliveries and government responses
  • Efficiently track contract modifications and milestones
  • Effectively support CDRL authors and reviewers via integrated email notifications and work queues

Select Benefits

  • Control over on-time CDRL deliveries
  • Reduced cost in CDRL submissions
  • Reduced cost in CDRL reporting
  • Higher efficiency and elimination of CDRL delivery process bottlenecks
  • Increased visibility and management of SDRLs
  • Elimination of duplicative efforts with internal data systems