SpectrumCLM® provides Contracts professionals an intuitive, efficient, integrated approach to accurately, promptly answering data calls and fully complying with FAR/DFARS and agency-specific regulations.

SpectrumCLM addresses pressing, critical challenges, including:
  • Federal customers, auditors, and executives drive a heavy flow of urgent data calls
  • Given the vast shortcomings of a hodgepodge of existing tools, servicing the heavy flow of urgent data calls requires intricate, high-stakes, time-consuming analyses
  • Federal budgetary environment demands efficiency, particularly in Contracts and administrative functions
  • The risks of short staffing the Contracts department are insidious, and often fester into enterprise-level issues

Key Features

  • Readily integrates out-of-the-box with leading GovCon financial management systems (e.g., Deltek Costpoint)
  • Automates urgent, tedious, high-volume aspects of FAR/DFARS compliance, data calls, and reporting
  • Provides central, integrated repository of always current terms, structured data, and FAR/ DFARS clauses
  • Integrates structured data fields unique and vital to GovCon into workflow, central repository, and reports
  • Purpose-built for GovCon and supported by a team with deep domain expertise in federal contracting

Enables users to:

  • Track value and funding changes by modification and CLIN/SLIN/ACRN by viewing line-item history on the screen or within standard reports
  • Track internal tasks and contract deliverables with notifications of due dates
  • More effectively route and monitor approvals
  • Flow-down clause and data from parent contract to orders and from prime to sub

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Select Benefits

  • Full compliance with government reporting requirements
  • Quicker, more complete and accurate responses to data calls – including those from Finance, BD, Compliance, GSA, DCAA and OIG
  • More efficient and standardized workflow
  • Better, ongoing understanding of compliance with terms and subcontract terms
  • Ability to increase contracts under management without proportional increases in the size and cost of the Contracts department
  • Contract professionals able to shift focus to mitigating insidious contracting risks
  • Retention of vital institutional knowledge

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