SpectrumCLM: The only COTS built solution specifically designed to manage government contracts

SpectrumCLM™ is a Commercial off-the-Shelf (COTS) solution built specifically for government contractors who must comply with extensive federal and agency-specific regulations.

While SpectrumCLM provides support for typical contract activities in the commercial sector, it is uniquely capable of dealing with the requirements associated with federal contracts.   Unlike commercial contracts, federal contracts are never on the “company’s paper” but rather are necessarily on “government paper.”   Like so many things that touch the government’s regulated processes, government contracts carry an unparalleled degree of compliance risk and associated penalties for non-compliance.   SpectrumCLM’s core capability is focused on accurately recording a government contract and capturing all of the regulations and requirements over the contract’s lifecycle.

SpectrumCLM showcases a data model that is rich in support of federal contracts and their extensive auditing requirements; libraries of regulatory clause data; flexible and rule-based workflows; and an ability to adapt to ever-changing realities of contract and subcontract management and the endless variety of contract situations that must be captured and managed.

Highlighted Features for Government Contractors
  • FAR, DFARS and agency supplement libraries (including historical) always kept up-to-date
  • Contract brief built to DCAA requirements
  • CLIN/SubCLIN structure
  • Data model used by federal agencies to create contracts
  • Built-in reports for common FAR requirements

"SpectrumCLM was designed by GovCon Contracts Professionals for GovCon Contracts Professionals"

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Government Specific Contract Management Capabilities

Checkbox-Wingding-25px-WebSupports all federal government award types including IDIQ’s, GWACs, GSA Schedules, BPA’s,     Delivery/Task Orders, Basic Ordering Agreements and basic contracts

Checkbox-Wingding-25px-WebSupport for all contract types (e.g., all Fixed Price types, T&M, all cost-plus types, Labor Hour) as well as international and commercial contracts

Checkbox-Wingding-25px-WebTrack changes to value and funding by CLIN/SubCLIN/ACRN by modification with pre-designed report

Checkbox-Wingding-25px-WebTables to capture indirect rate ceilings and available/earned Award Fees

Checkbox-Wingding-25px-WebTrack Letter Agreements, other Undefinitized Contract Actions

Checkbox-Wingding-25px-WebRisk Management Tracking

Checkbox-Wingding-25px-WebTrack level of effort by CLIN/SLIN or contract level

Checkbox-Wingding-25px-WebCapture all contract information for GSA Schedules, including:

  • Special Item Numbers (SIN) with associated Title, NAICS, PSC Code and Maximum Order Threshold
  • Product List associated to each SIN
  • Labor categories, qualifications and rates by period

Checkbox-Wingding-25px-WebCapture all contract information in a rich, structured data model for the contract lifecycle from proposal to contract award, modification, and closeout

Checkbox-Wingding-25px-WebAutomatic validations and warnings for potential errors (e.g. contract funding exceeds value)

Checkbox-Wingding-25px-WebCapture all pertinent information for integration to ERP for project setup

Checkbox-Wingding-25px-WebCapture labor category data including quals, rates by POP and discounts

Checkbox-Wingding-25px-WebLink personnel to labor categories with resume repository

Checkbox-Wingding-25px-WebRevenue data integration IDto include ability to set notifications based on percentage of funds expended

Subcontract Management Capabilities

Checkbox-Wingding-25px-WebCapture all subcontract information in a rich, structured data model for the procurement lifecycle from proposal to award, modification, and closeout

Checkbox-Wingding-25px-WebSupports all subcontract types such as Master Service Agreements, BOA’s, IDIQ’s, BPA’s, Orders, etc.

Checkbox-Wingding-25px-WebAll contract types (e.g., all Fixed Price types, T&M, all cost-plus types, Labor Hour) including international

Checkbox-Wingding-25px-WebAutomatic validations and warnings for potential errors (e.g. sole source award without adequate documentation)

Checkbox-Wingding-25px-WebTrack changes to value and funding by CLIN/SubCLIN/ACRN by modification with pre-defined reports

Checkbox-Wingding-25px-WebData fields to capture cost and price analysis and document discounts

Checkbox-Wingding-25px-WebLabor category table to track negotiated rates, SCA applicability and personnel including resume repository

Checkbox-Wingding-25px-WebTrack level of effort by CLIN/SLIN or contract level

Checkbox-Wingding-25px-WebCreate actions or contract deliverables with follow-up alerts


Checkbox-Wingding-25px-WebStandard integration capabilities to enable data flows between CLM and other enterprise systems or data repositories (“Enter data once, use everywhere.”)

Checkbox-Wingding-25px-WebSOA-compliant architecture fully supports web service integration with internal systems and other cloud hosted applications, no VPN or database to database connection required.

Checkbox-Wingding-25px-WebInvoice and payment data capture by ERP project number

Checkbox-Wingding-25px-WebStandard API’s available for loading lists of Employee/Users, Customers, and other reference information

Checkbox-Wingding-25px-WebConfigurable data capture fields allow easy extension of standard contract data to meet the needs of an integrated ERP or other system.


Checkbox-Wingding-25px-WebFull audit trail for Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance

Checkbox-Wingding-25px-WebEstablish security group for external auditors to access data

Checkbox-Wingding-25px-WebCreate pre-defined templates of tasks to meet CPSR audit or other contractual reporting requirements

Checkbox-Wingding-25px-WebPerform on-line internal audits or management reviews to verify compliance with policies and procedures

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Usability (Data Entry and Templates)

Checkbox-Wingding-25px-WebCreate DO’s/TO’s from contract vehicle to flow down CLINs/SubCLINs and clauses

Checkbox-Wingding-25px-WebCreate DO’s/TO’s or BPA’s from the GSA Schedule to flow-down clauses, labor rates/categories and products

Checkbox-Wingding-25px-WebCreate contract from proposal (“draft contract”) to move data forward in contract lifecycle

Checkbox-Wingding-25px-WebCreate subcontracts from Prime Contract to flow-down all clauses and regulations

Checkbox-Wingding-25px-WebCreate orders from subcontract vehicle to flow down CLINs/SubCLINs and clauses

Checkbox-Wingding-25px-WebCustom data fields at the header and line item level with drop down lists, selection lists or text boxes

Checkbox-Wingding-25px-WebLine item template to organize line item data for quick upload

Checkbox-Wingding-25px-WebOn screen functional and process guidance (for help or training) configurable by client

Checkbox-Wingding-25px-WebUser-configurable Home page widgets to view approvals, tasks and take action directly from home page

Briefing and Reporting

Checkbox-Wingding-25px-WebContract brief in DCAA format in pdf, excel or word

Checkbox-Wingding-25px-WebContract Summary Report with all data captured in sections configurable at run-time

Checkbox-Wingding-25px-WebSubcontract Summary Report formatted in pdf, excel or word

Checkbox-Wingding-25px-WebRobust ad hoc reporting including reporting for labor categories, indirect rates and award fees to enable reporting across multiple contracts

Checkbox-Wingding-25px-WebCreate ad hoc reports per user, business unit, users group, or for entire organization

Checkbox-Wingding-25px-WebAd hoc reporting to track approval metrics

Checkbox-Wingding-25px-WebStandard Ad hoc report library including Task/Delivery Order financial summary, notification of option periods expiring, subcontract flow-down requirements, backlog, etc.

Checkbox-Wingding-25px-WebSubcontract Summary table on each prime contract record including socioeconomic status and % of subcontracted dollars

Checkbox-Wingding-25px-WebDO/TO Summary embedded within parent vehicle in award module

Checkbox-Wingding-25px-WebExport CLIN/SLIN summary tables and labor category tables to excel, word or pdf

Workflow Routing, Alerts and Notifications

Checkbox-Wingding-25px-WebComprehensive routing with audit reports (e.g., match authority matrixes) including serial and parallel approvals

Checkbox-Wingding-25px-WebApproval rule capability with automatic escalation to certain roles in the organization, such as requiring additional approvals for any sole or single source subcontract award

Checkbox-Wingding-25px-WebElectronic alerts and email notifications to unlimited internal and external contacts

Checkbox-Wingding-25px-WebNotification center for sending standard DCAA Contract Brief, Contract/Subcontract Summary Reports and/or supporting documents based on pre-defined schedule (via e-mail)

Checkbox-Wingding-25px-WebHistory of approvals and notifications easily accessible

Checkbox-Wingding-25px-WebEdit approval routes on the fly to add or delete personnel or change sequencing

Checkbox-Wingding-25px-WebAbility to set up proxies for your workflow/approval roles when out of office

Clause Libraries

Checkbox-Wingding-25px-WebEmbedded FAR, DFARS and agency supplement libraries (including all historical clauses) kept up-to-date per SLA

Checkbox-Wingding-25px-WebClause templates match the FAR matrix designed to pull clauses based on the effective date of award

Checkbox-Wingding-25px-WebClause templates to establish pre-defined lists of clauses for inclusion on subcontracts or track standard company terms and conditions

Checkbox-Wingding-25px-WebTrack risk level and mitigation strategy of clauses based on company policies and procedures

Checkbox-Wingding-25px-WebCategorize clauses for ease of searching and reporting (e.g., TINA, CAS, Executive Compensation)

Document Repository

Checkbox-Wingding-25px-WebStore all supporting documents in company-specific folder structures which can vary for each organization and award type; locked down at company defined level to ensure consistency

Checkbox-Wingding-25px-WebProgram File capability to link multiple contracts and subcontracts and capture supporting documents from pre-RFP through close-out

Checkbox-Wingding-25px-WebIn-depth search functionality to easily locate contracts/subcontracts, save search for quick contract list, and key word search of supporting documents

Checkbox-Wingding-25px-WebSecure document storage/Control access to documents

Checkbox-Wingding-25px-WebFull audit trail of your documents