CMvue provides CMs with a comprehensive approach to configuration identification, change control, audits, status accounting – fully integrated with the ability to process contractor deliverables and collaborate with the program office.

CMvue addresses pressing, critical challenges, including:
  • Inability to track revision history and baselines of technical documentation
  • Difficult to ascertain relationships among and impacts of interface and change documentation
  • Proposed changes that require approval take too long to reach Configuration Control Board members, often because staff didn’t provide data or notify responsible parties
  • With inefficiencies in the contract modification process, difficult to determine approval status of change documentation and eventual modification to contracts

Key Features

  • Based on MIL-HDBK-61, Configuration Management

Enables users to:

  • Track and maintain full configuration of PMO assets: Parts, drawings, software, documents, tech manuals
  • Maintain document revision history, with capability to roll revisions based on program’s approval processes
  • Automatically generate specification tree based on defined parent-child relationships, and view additional object relationships
  • Easily track bill of materials, product baselines, and configuration audits
  • Automatically calculate and generate aging metrics based on change-control approval processing;
  • Easily report on the status of specified change documents
  • Use automated business logic and eMail notifications to increase visibility of approval documents, and generate configuration control board (CCB) agendas

Select Benefits

  • Increased visibility and status to product baseline and change documentation requiring approval
  • Confidence in reviewing latest baseline versions of technical documentation
  • Better oversight of contractor baselines via configuration audits