Riskvue provides program leaders and subject matter experts a thorough, tractable, proven approach to surfacing, mitigating, and reporting program risks.

RISKvue™ addresses pressing, critical challenges, including:

  • Difficult to identify top risks for the mission, program, and system
  • Difficult to determine whether a risk has been validated by a Risk Manager
  • No clear approach to select and report on multiple mitigation approaches
  • Time consuming, duplicative effort to generate and update briefing charts

Key Features

  • Based on Defense Acquisition University (DAU) Risk Process

Enables users to:

  • Maintain a central repository of risks and issues
  • Use color-coding to draw attention to most prominent risks
  • Automatically generate briefing charts
  • Easily configure 5x5 grid, and severity and probability thresholds
  • Quickly filter and sort risk data based on IPT/program, risk factor, and risk level
  • Categorize risks into validated and invalidated groups, and as appropriate, convert invalidated risks into validated risks using Risk Management Board (RMB) approval process
  • Create and prioritize multiple mitigation plans, each with one or many mitigation steps
  • Automatically generate risk briefing charts, including quad charts and risk burn-down charts

Select Benefits

  • Ability to quickly develop and maintain an understanding of the top and emerging risks for the mission, program, and system
  • Full understanding of the status of validation and mitigation plans
  • Elimination of duplicative efforts and rework, particularly preparing for briefings