AWCvueTM provides U.S. military stakeholders with an end-to-end system for ensuring the safety and timeliness of aircraft deployments.

As organizations develop new airworthiness processes to address challenges faced on both legacy and new aircraft, there are opportunities to boost accuracy and decrease time to deployment through automation. Leading programs look to AWCvue to achieve new levels of safety and efficiency in aircraft deployments. 

The challenges faced by organizations required to run airworthiness programs include delays, cost-overruns and safety risks caused by:

  • Deep, broad, complex sets of information, portions of which typically reside in siloed systems, such as email, spreadsheets, slides, and homebuilt/legacy software “islands”
  • Inability to effectively conduct staged review, feedback, and sign-off from a range of experts
  • Hardworking team members with other mission priorities that render them too busy to wade through unstructured, outdated, inaccurate information
  • Inability to keep track of and consolidate the various versions of comment spreadsheets being created by the AW Branch SMEs in a timely manner

Key Features

  • Electronic generation functionality of the ADF with signature and export capabilities, as well as an archive/repository for signed ADFs
  • Easy-to-use interface to allow for quick certification basis population, providing digital signature and export capabilities
  • Repository and common location to track and accumulate the data for an airworthiness certification, organized by sections of the MIL-HDBK-516
  • Automated report generation, including the Criteria Compliance Summary, Listing of Noncompliant Criteria & SSRA Summary, and Document Summary for compliance reporting

Select Benefits

  • Enables real-time updates to a centralized checklist
  • Offers pre-templated, detailed reporting, saving time and improving communications
  • Simplifies the sign-off process, ensuring aircraft can safely be deployed more quickly
  • Allows multiple individuals to access different sections of the airworthiness check list at the same time eliminating the need for multiple spreadsheets
  • Ensures timely aircraft deployments while increasing confidence in aircraft safety and performance