FMSvueprovides PEO and PMO leaders with an intuitive, highly automated, end-to-end approach to effectively managing Foreign Military Sales.

FMSvue provides a case management process for multiple stakeholders, including foreign customers who can't access dot-mil content.  It also addresses pressing program office challenges with FMS, including:
  • Difficulty keeping track of and adhering to a wide range of dynamic reporting rules;
  • Improperly sequencing approvals from a shifting set of experts, commanders, and oversight staff;
  • Unavailability of IT infrastructure that gives foreign nationals access to only approved, necessary FMS-related information;
  • Inefficient tracking of FMS case data;
  • Difficulty tracking packages through paper routing and email for foreign disclosure processes.

Key Features

  • Supports full lifecycle of contract data management process
  • Based on DoD 5010.12-M Acquisition Management Standards
  • Provides direct, secure connection between vendor and government system to safely share appropriate data
  • Maintains central location for FMS case data for each project, PMO, or PEO
  • Enables privileged users to easily setup workflow, approval routing, and security


Select Benefits

  • Quickly and efficiently become and remain compliant with all FMS-related document collection, release, maintenance, and reporting policies
  • Standardize FMS and related processes
  • Gain appropriate visibility into the foreign disclosure review processes
  • Securely collect and share appropriate data with all stakeholders, including foreign customers
  • Eliminate waste, errors, and security threats associated with duplicative repositories in multiple locations